qJumpStart My Heart | Day 544 - Sunday

Day 544 – Sunday

For Day 2 of WordCamp Sacramento I was assigned to help out in on of the presentation rooms though with other people there, there was nothing for me to do. Plus since I’m not wearing a volunteer t-shirt since I never gave my size for one (because I didn’t think I was going to be a volunteer), no one really knows I’m a volunteer…

The first conference session of the day was extremely dull. The problem is the presenters didn’t do anything more than state facts about their business but with no analysis. So what they were taking about was obvious. As in of course you would do it that way obvious. More interesting would have been with they learned from doing it that way. Or really anything else.

Then went to doing my volunteering in the Happiness Bar helping people. Helped 3 or 4 people and got card from one to keep in touch. Of the 2 other people volunteering, one seemed to know nothing and had the enthusiasm of a small puppy. Which was weird. And the other knew a little more than enough to be dangerous and was extremely territorial and fairly insecure. Which was annoying.

After I couple hours I decided they had it handled and abandoned ship. I wasn’t a very dedicated volunteer.

I won’t come back to this one next year. I wouldn’t return even to be a presenter. I’m not crazy about the organizers and my strong sense they have 100% self serving motives for organizing it. Somewhat self serving motives is ok and normal. But 100% is annoying.

Lesson learned.