Day 542 – Friday

I went to Joseph’s every other Friday networking group and it had 12 people vs the 6 last time. Among other things I did my latest email marketing talk which went well and I met a couple of new people to follow up with. The photo agency owner for whom I wrote an email on a trial basis is really happy with the results so far.

After I went to the Roseville, CA chamber of commerce lunch. One of their business development people invited me to recruit me. There were over 100 people there, I talked to quite a few and will follow up with 4 of them at least. (As in they were promising leads). The email marketing hook of mine is still a powerful opener.

I don’t think I’ll join the chamber at this point though it could be valuable to do so. It costs $350 per year plus some additional costs. The pay group in MN I attended might make more sense.

WordCamp Sacramento is this weekend and I’m not excited. Next year I’ll check speaking schedules before I buy tickets. When the WordCamp Sac schedule came out after I bought tickets, I realized there were very few talks I wanted to attend.

So I’ll go to a talk tomorrow and then visit Catherine. And Sunday I’m volunteering most of the day. Though I didn’t know that until tonight. Because the WordCamp Sacramento team is not very well organized and I’m unhappy about that too.

I’m also unhappy that they decided to do a StarWars theme for their event. Except they don’t have the rights to StarWars so they can’t really do that. If Disney were to find out there would be a problem. And they are doing this on behalf of the non-profit WordCamp Foundation which probably wouldn’t appreciate it either.

So for a bunch of reasons I’m sort of grouchy about WordCamp Sacramento.