Day 523 – Sunday

I had a wonderful morning trip to the farmers market. There are lots of delicious things to buy. Next weekend I’ll get curry ingredients (I won’t have time to make that between now and then).

I got the emails written advertising my new mastermind group. This will be a business discussion group replacing the online networking group over the summer. I also built out the web page advertising it.

I’m naming the group “High Tea” since I’m “The Digital Concierge”. I sometimes enjoy obtuse and pretentious namings. For example there was a high end video products company (their clients were TV studios) whose line of graphics programs were “Flint”, “Flame”, “Inferno”, and “Frost”. I never quite know what they did but “Inferno” cost a LOT more than “Flint”.

I’ll continue with my own business work tomorrow and get back to client work on Tuesday.