qJumpStart My Heart | Day 514 - WordCamp Day 1

Day 514 – WordCamp Day 1

I went to WordCamp Minneapolis today.

It’s a 2 day conference about all things WordPress, the website platform I use in my business. My use of it is more incidental than it used to be, however, WordCamp is a good place to meet people and get good ideas.

I skipped the first two sessions and wrote and worked. They were not pertinent enough to what I’m doing. And the fee for WC is $40 so the balance between spending time not working during work time and going to sessions is pretty tight.

Overall the 3 presentations I went to were pretty good. One gave me some ideas to go back and look at a data analysis tool that will help my business. One gave me reason to introduce myself to the presenter, a pro copywriter, and ask some questions. She was helpful and offered that if I have more questions, feel free to email. So I shall.

I also met several people, 3 of which will be good to follow up with. There are some potential seeds to plant there. One, for example, has an aunt who retired and became a life coach and may be looking for marketing help. The other two in different ways know the value of email marketing and aren’t doing it yet and think they should. That would be where I come in.

After, my girlfriend Chris and I went to the Fair again. We ended up getting there later than expected. We were both pretty hungry and got some good gyros in the International section. Then a corndog and bucket of cheese curds. On the way out, we got a cookie ice cream sandwich that was very good. I’d go back for those.

Getting there late, there was no seating for the free concert we came to see. We sat close enough to hear it but didn’t stay for the whole thing. We were getting pretty tired.