Day 512 – Wednesday

I mostly worked from the basement since I’ll be out Friday and spending time with my daughter Elizabeth most of next week. I did some final touches on a web page for a coaching client and he is VERY happy with the result.

I went to an evening networking group. This is a monthly one I went to in July. I think I like the sort of people who attend the paid group I’ve gone to a couple of times more. This one tonight is free and while there are aren’t the high numbers of MLM adherents, my target market doesn’t really show up here.

I did meet a guy who runs a small marketing agency doing Facebook and Google ads and we had a good talk. He and I share a disdain of most SEO experts. I’ll follow up with him to see if there are some referral opportunities.

My girlfriend Chris spent the afternoon at a baseball game and reported she didn’t have much trouble with several flights of stairs and walking to and from parking. She continues to recover well.