Day 504 – Tuesday

I had a couple of quick calls and made good writing and work progress.

In the evening I made a double batch of curry. One with peppers and one without. I got help with the prep: chopping the various vegetables and herbs that go into different parts of it.

My girlfriend Chris’ eldest daughter has a lot of food allergies so the peppers wouldn’t work in the curry paste and she also can’t eat eggplant.

So one batch was pepper free and I substituted some leftover sliced squash for the eggplant in one batch. I also added one more unseeded Thai pepper to the hot version to see how much hotter it would get. I’m gradually adding more with each batch to see where it ends up.

With help during prep, it still took about 2 hours from start to finish. I have to simmer down the curry pastes till they are dry which takes about 20 minutes. Blending with the consumer blender takes some time. I’m sure with a high end $400 blender it would go super fast but I don’t want to make that investment.

Both versions were pretty good. I’m still partial to the spicy one but both were enjoyable in their own way. Also, the lime juice was more balanced in this version than last time.

Oh, there was a nice thunderstorm in the afternoon. Very heavy rain and it got very dark during it.