Day 490 – Tuesday

I had a morning meeting with an event planner I met at a networking event a couple weeks ago. She is new-ish in her business and feeling overwhelmed about where to go next with respect to marketing. We had a good brief talk and scheduled a follow up call for Friday. I’ll give her a couple of options of how I can work with her and what it will cost.

She needs a marketing plan (though she doesn’t know it) and some coaching on how to get better at finding clients. It was a good conversation.

We met at a coffee shop and when I got there I thought maybe there was a networking event happening because almost all of the tables were occupied by people talking business. It was pretty intense. I found a corner table to wait until the event planner arrived. At the next table, people were having a conversation about KVM Server Virtualization and the migration they made to nested container virtualization. (I’m being intentionally obtuse. People were talking tech in public. It was exciting.)

I don’t overhear conversations like that in Sacramento. More often it’s people pitching some bogus CBD oil cream or homeopathic human growth hormone supplements. There are good opportunities here.