qJumpStart My Heart | Day 489 - Monday

Day 489 – Monday

I had a call in the morning and worked the rest of the day. I’m reading up on the life coach for whom I’m helping with marketing. Reading his past blog entries and taking notes about how he helps his clients.

In the evening I went to another meeting of the blogging group I found a couple weeks ago. It was a small meeting again though there was no bad weather anyone could use as an excuse. I gave out some good free advice on how to get started again.

The recurring problem, I think, among new prospective bloggers is they get hung up on how to get started. There are all of the details of the website they can obsess over. And then what happens when they get popular. And then what to write about.

When the only really important thing is to start writing. And understand that at first, No One will read what you write. No One. So take advantage of that to experiment and practice and get in the habit of writing regularly.

And then start to worry about all of the other stuff.