Day 486 – Friday

I set up a meeting for next week with someone I met at networking last night. He says he is looking for someone who does marketing writing (me) because he doesn’t like to write. His thing is search optimization (getting your website found by search). He has a networking group he runs so I’ll meet some people there and chat after.

I had a pretty good work day and skipped game night in favor of doing some writing and research. It sounds like game night was fun. I find that my work day cycle sometimes naturally runs later than “normal”. I.e. I’m finally energized and ready to really get started by early afternoon vs going full steam from early morning onwards. Writing later into the evening enabled me to feel properly done by the time I went to bed.

Deer I Saw on My Walk

The weather remains nice. Not too warm, not really humid. I don’t see bunnies anymore. I remember the same happening last summer. Too many bunnies attracts the coyotes. Then there are fewer bunnies. I did see a doe with two little ones crossing the road.