Day 485 – Thursday

To update on my girlfriend Chris, since it’s been a while: She is only occasionally taking Tylenol. She is riding her stationary bike for between 5-10 minutes at a time. Walking around the block is slow but steady. And she can stand for longer and longer periods without discomfort.

All of the joint pain is gone because it’s new joints. There is muscle discomfort at times and she needs to keep building up strength since she didn’t really walk much for about 3-4 years. Al in all, everything is going really well.

We believe by mid August she should be more than strong enough to really enjoy the Great Minnesota Get Together.

In the evening I went to a new networking group. This one is paid but doesn’t have rules except pay them and their first meeting is free. If I was here full time, I could see paying their annual fee but for now I’ll pay the door charge at the next two meetings.

I met a couple of interesting people, one of whom I may be able to collaborate with. This one is a tech guy who doesn’t like writing. I like writing. He says he was looking for someone like me.

The meeting was held at the “St Paul University Club” which is a pretty ornate building on the hill overlooking St Paul with older mansions all over the place. This is one area with genuinely high priced real estate vs the normal in MN. Still, these beautiful old houses are much less expensive here ($1M to $1.5M or so) than they would be in California for similar situations (probably $4M+ in California).

I’m really enjoying the networking opportunities here. No MLM people. Everyone seems to have a solid business model and not trying to fake it. Sacramento is really small potatoes.