Day 474 – Sunday

It was very warm today. When I got back from my morning walk I decided it’s definitely warm and humid here. Not as bad as a bad day in Florida but maybe a bad day in Florida in October.

I saw one bunny when I was walking so the coyote’s have not yet finished their bunny buffet yet. However I think I’m seeing fewer bunnies than I was a couple weeks ago.

My girlfriend Chris and I went to a retirement lunch for a long serving pastor at her church. They had a taco buffet (basically taco bell inspired), and a nice presentation afterwards.

Then we drove South to the open house at Glewwe’s Castle Brewery and sat outdoors under a tent listening to live music and sipping house made soft drinks. Chris samples some of their harder offerings and we bought one thing and donated for a couple of others. It was really fun but also warm and humid.

Then we drove North to South St Paul to go to the Mexican market and buy more Chorizo. Driving we at one point pass the road sign telling us we are entering West St Paul and South St Paul at the same time. I’m not sure how that works.

We also went to Trader Joes on the way back. I wanted to compare cheese prices since Aldi has stopped selling interesting cheeses and get ice cream. Coffee Bean Blast was good as usual and their house Mint Chip is also delicious.

When we got back to Chris’ house we had watermelon and ice cream and then finished the left over curry.