Day 473 – Saturday

I tried to go to a local farmers market this morning but the info I have about such things wasn’t accurate and it wasn’t there this week. Or maybe ever? But it put me near the Burnsville Aldi location so I went there and on the way back stopped at the Vietnamese store because I have been feeling like I need to make Thai curry again with the new method.

I spent some time working on a script and planning for a short video I’m making to use in my sales outreach next week. The video will be good enough and its easy to shoot another and replace what I have. I have good tools.

Curry turned out delightfully again. This one didn’t have as much spicy kick. I adjusted the ingredients a bit so I know where to adjust again next time. I’ll also try adding some other spices next time. It is really good, though. Significantly better than any curry I’ve made before. I’ll need to make more again soon.

It’s funny to me that it came down to the core ingredient in the dish as the limiting factor. I’ve been pondering for several years what I could do that would bring my curry up to or at least near to the level of my favorite Thai restaurant (Thai Cafe in Milpitas, CA). What I had read before about making curry paste involved taking the ingredients, putting them in a mortar and pestle, and grinding away until your arm hurts.

But with this you just dump everything in the blender and press go. Now, a fancy blender would make that part go faster but I don’t otherwise need a $300 blender. The $20 blender does just fine.