Day 465 – Friday

Today my daughter Catherine and I went to the Minnesota Zoo which is just down the street from where my girlfriend Chris lives. I’d never been there before and it was nice. Large parts of it are indoors since Minnesota is only lush green and warm for short periods of time (and boy is it lush and green during those times).

We saw the usual animals as well as the bird show that Chris recommended. The birds were fun to watch even though they fly close over the heads of the audience. Luckily there were no accidents.

On the way back we got the ingredients we needed to make our own curry paste. It turned out really well. I was cautious on the spices and will add more next time. But it was very tasty vs commercial curry paste which itself is quite good.

Game night was tonight and we all had fun. I think Catherine had a good visit and enjoyed her time and meeting different people. Her flight back is early tomorrow.