Day 462 – Tuesday

The weather is still pretty nice. I only mention it because the prediction is that it’s hot and humid. I’d say it’s warm and doesn’t feel that humid. Again, certainly not like a bad day in Florida. Or even a bad day in Minnesota.

On my walk I see a lot of rabbits and birds. The rabbits are getting more common since I got here. I remember last year their population seemed to grow to a point until they suddenly vanished, or were eaten I think.

The birds are much more diverse than I ever see in California. I don’t know birds so I can recognize a cardinal but not the yellow one, or the one with the red body but different colored head. Or the one with the stripes on it’s back. Lots of different colors.

Working I spent most of the day growing the list of people I will call next week to see what work they need done. I’m growing my cold call / cold email list.

My daughter Catherine arrived tonight. For cost, she took a late flight so was landing at 12:10am (Wednesday) so Chris and I stayed up and drove over to get her. It feels good to have her nearby.