Day 445 – Saturday

Dear Diary,

Forgive me for I have had a very hard time for the next four days being motivated to write in much detail. So the next four days are going to be shorter. I need the time to do other writing and work and take care of my girlfriend Chris.

Thanks for understanding.

Your Humble Narrator.

That said, stuff did happen today. Chris and I bought tickets to see Bob Newhart. He will be in town the week after next and we are excited to see him. A few years back I decided it was a good idea to try and see entertainers who were getting up in years before it became impossible to see them.

We tried to see Loretta Lynn and failed (stroke). I far too late wanted to see Don Rickles. I am thankful I never got to see Cosby.

I also got a very lovely Father’s Day card from my daughter Elizabeth.