Day 444 – Friday

My girlfriend Chris had a really good clinical physical therapy session today. I understand she was working in their gym area doing different exercises including stretching on the stationary bicycle and doing leg pushes. The bicycle is important because at the beginning, it is painful or the muscles around the new knee joint to stretch enough to go all the way around the circle. (And if you accidentally do it, people end up saying non-family friendly things).

She felt pretty good after which was a little unexpected. Her recovery is going well.

We had game night and Chris was able to find a sitting position with her leg elevated that was comfortable. We played 2 games of Catan, one of Ticket to Ride and for a change of sitting position, watched the Hitchcock film To Catch a Thief. It was a fun evening though Chris and I are used to early sleeping so finishing at 10:30pm was late for us.