Day 441 – Tuesday

I’m back to doing my walks in the morning and I’m starting out slowly. My feet hurt pretty badly afterwards but I expect that will get better as I get used to my walks. [Note from the future, it did get better.]

The day was overcast and there was a nice rain later in the day.

I woke up early worried about my business as I sometimes tend to do. My girlfriend Chris identified that I tend to get that way if I’m not talking to other business people which made sense. And then I had two calls later in the day and she was right.

One in particular was with a partner in a Sacramento marketing / web design company. There may be some opportunities to share referrals and extra business between each other and we’ll talk more in a couple of weeks (he’s out of town next week). I think what they are doing is pretty basic but they do have customers and business. They also are weak in copy-writing and data analysis, both of which I do. We’ll see.