Day 422 – Thursday

I had a couple of calls. One with a business coach who wanted to talk. I may have some services she needs such as building web sales page and marketing emails. I’ll formalize pricing on the latter and put both on my new website. (They were on the old site but I never added specific products to the new website. No need. Now there is need.)

I also had a call with a potential small client who came as a referral. We agreed on price, I think, and once they pay the invoice I’ll get started.

The evening online networking group went well. It’s still a small group but the meeting format is working. One person who returned did a 10 minute presentation on part of her business that was very interesting. We had good discussions and question and answer sections. I think most people got something out of it. We just need to keep growing.

The online networking is fun. It’s sort of like hosting a party. This is probably true for any group that I start. Such things are new for me. I’m enjoying this.