qJumpStart My Heart | Day 417 - Saturday

Day 417 – Saturday

Among other things I tried to make a video for my upcoming online course on Email Marketing.

I need a video thanking people who pay for the course. Especially since initially you are becoming a pre-launch customer meaning you pay money and don’t get a course. You just get this thank you video that thanks you for giving me money, says the course will be ready in about 3 weeks, and then I talk about in some detail what the course will cover.

I had notes, I had cameras, and I had lights. And it was painful.

I got it done but here is what the trouble was:

  • I don’t rehearse enough. I would like it to be that I’m talking about stuff I know so it should flow. However, I’m trying to get a particular marketing message out at the same time, without memorizing a script and trying to seem natural doing it.
  • I kept visualizing other people’s videos. This is foolish since the other people’s videos I’m visualizing have been doing this for over 10 years and I’ve been doing this for a few weeks.

There are probably some other troubles but those are the big ones.

I think for my main sales page, I’m not yet ready to do videos for it and I’ll keep them to written copywriting only.

Thank you video has to be there but maybe it becomes simpler and just is a thank you and talks about what else is on the page and you, the viewer, should just go read it.

The online course material is subject matter I know very well and I’ll mostly not be on camera for it. Just a voice talking over presentation slides and computer screens so I can be going from a more detailed script for that. I write fast, I type really fast, and from the emails I’ve been doing, I can write pretty close to conversational so that will be easier.

Overall it was a good Saturday. The moments where I really thought there was no way I can do the video stuff were simply educational.