Day 403 – Saturday

I had a pretty quiet and relaxing Saturday. I’ve been eating well for the last week and I think it’s been having a positive effect. I’ll know more in a couple weeks. (Eating well means very low carb. What the kids on Instagram call Keto).

I finished the marketing analysis for the email marketing online course I want to write. I’ll get it complete enough for there to be a small freebie related to a talk I’m doing in 2 weeks and an advertising page for the future paid part of the course.

Marketing analysis means thinking about what my audience needs out of the course and what human desires are tied to those needs. The specific advertising points for the course will be tailored to tickle those desires. And thus manipulate the minds of potential customers into opening their wallets for me.

Ethical mind control.

The Giant Azalea
The Giant Azalea

There sure are a lot of flowers in Sacramento in spring time. California does have advantages like that, I’ll admit.