qJumpStart My Heart | Day 395 - Friday

Day 395 – Friday

I finished up the main page for the online networking website and realized I needed a thank you page for signing up and a welcome email. Not a big deal, just a little more to finish up. I’m liking how the pages are looking.

I also put up the video on Facebook that I finished up yesterday and I checked the stats off and on. Ok, I checked the stats about every hour or so.

People seem to watch it until I get to the part where I’m talking about the websites. I suspect what is happening is when it starts to look hard, people go back to cat videos. This doesn’t surprise me. Ideally I should create fluffy videos that are encouraging and empowering and sound meaningful and keep the real meat in stuff on my site and things I sell. People on Facebook just want to feel good about themselves, they don’t necessarily want to think right then and there.

However doing this particular video, I knew I could do it pretty easily and not have to script it. It was a good first video even if it did end up not doing anything. It is all good practice.