Day 393 – Wednesday

After morning networking I had a really good conversation with a guy who had wanted to talk. He’s funny in that he doesn’t normally give out business cards at networking events. After our talk, I merited getting one though. I’m worthy.

He has a long background in business development, making deals for large companies, as well as running sales and marketing teams. At the moment he buys and sells companies and also has taught in college and currently as a hobby cold prospects businesses who might want to sell.

We will keep talking. There may be a connection packaging up some of his training into online courses to sell.

In the evening there was another group. It was a mixer in the back room of a restaurant. There were about 25-30 people there and about 10 I had met at other groups. A few interesting people to follow up with.

I’m going to start doing just phone meetings rather than scheduling one-on-one in person initial meetings. Maybe encourage video calls. I’m trying to optimize my time.