Day 392 – Tuesday

I got up early (5am) to see my mom and step dad off on their vacation and then stayed up from then on. Long day.

I did my usual Tuesday networking and had a meeting with an insurance guy after. I don’t need insurance but we wanted to meet for referral purposes. This kid is a really good salesman. He got me thinking about additional insurance. Good technique, smooth, likes people, a lot to learn from this guy about sales and customer relations.

I talked about Facebook ads but he is new enough in what he’s doing that it doesn’t make sense yet (my assessment). Anyway, it was a good meeting. I got reinforcement on some things (talk to lots of people, keep building connections, find ways to help people, etc).

I spent some productive time revising the web page for the online networking that I want to get started with another guy in the group. He happened to be asking today and I also felt I needed to get back to it.

Went to bed fairly early since it was a long day. I should be able to get back to a more normal sleep schedule tomorrow.