qJumpStart My Heart | Day 366 - Thursday

Day 366 – Thursday

Today was a pretty regular day back at my girlfriend Chris’ house.

I’m working on revising my company websites and a website revision for one of my existing clients. I also learned how to set up a YouTube account for business properly. And I’m utterly amazed at how complicated YouTube is. For all of the resources that Google (owner of YouTube) has that they can’t make this one area simpler, I’m astonished. I’ll be making an online course on how to do this and needed to understand this one part for two current clients and my own work.

The weather is pretty comfortable outside in the mid 40s. I took a walk rather than going to the gym since the streets are free of snow and ice. There are a few patches of melting snow but most of it is all gone. Lakes and ponds still have floating ice on them. Spring is nice here.