Day 358 – Wednesday

I got up at 4am for my 6:30am flight to Baltimore. My girlfriend Chris and I got everything packed into the car. She will probably start driving from the airport after she drops me off. I’ll meet up with her in Utah after my visit with my daughter Elizabeth.

The flight was uneventful and it is a novelty to see green grass and shrubs in Baltimore. I know it doesn’t look that exciting to Elizabeth but I haven’t see anything like this since late January in California.

After dropping my bags at Elizabeth’s apartment we went out for lunch at a really good chicken place. There was a guy with his beard died bright blue there doing food photography for his Instagram channel (he’s trying to be a branded instagram influencer person). The food was good.

We walked over to Fell’s Point for gelato at a really good place we found a couple of years ago. This one sources their milk from one dairy where they make their gelato base on site and then transport to their stores in specially constructed freezers. They are really obsessive about gelato. I had bosc pear and grapefruit sorbeto which were delicious. The pear was pretty subtle but I liked the novelty. The grapefruit was really good. Elizabeth had a black tea and another flavor I didn’t really understand but which as good. (Yes, the place requires some study before some of the flavors can be understood.)

We walked back from Fells Point to the Inner Harbor and then took a bus back to JHU’s campus and went to the Baltimore Museum of Art. I had not visited there yet and they have a nice collection. They have a large collection of paintings by Matisse that was fun to see.

I was tired by the end and we walked back to Elizabeth’s apartment where she made dinner while I napped on the sofa. There was ratatouille and chicken and broccoli and it was really nice. I’ll sleep well tonight.

I mentioned a lot of walking in Baltimore today and this was in very specific areas during the day time. The inner harbor region including apparently over to Fell’s Point is pretty safe to the level that the area around the JHU campus is safe. I wouldn’t walk it at night and it’s important to stay aware of your surroundings. It’s still Baltimore.