Day 355 – St Patrick’s Day

I continue to feel more better and studied from a sales video by Frank Kern about his new amazing approach to social media marketing. I think it actually is amazing but I don’t need to buy his online course for three easy payments of $997. The guy is apparently on his 4th Rolls Royce Silver Ghost so who am I to criticize his pricing. It works for him.

The corned beef I was curing turned out really well. I realized after the fact I used the wrong curing product and I’m amazed it did anything at all. My girlfriend Chris and I established that she still had curing salt from last time I was doing this so I didn’t bring any new. And the bag was labeled “curing salt” but it should have been labeled “bacon cure”. I needed my pure “pink curing salt” and the “bacon cure” is a highly dilute version of that.

So a lot less sodium nitrite was in the curing brine around the beef brisket and it didn’t cure all the way through. Still, with the good pickling spice the result was delicious. I recommend making your own corned beef.

We watched an interesting documentary about the failed “Fyre” music festival. This was to be a “luxury music festival” for the high end instagram crowd on an island in the Bahamas and ended up being a disaster that led to criminal charges and jail time.

I reminded me a lot of my last company that I worked at (though there wasn’t jail time or charged crimes there). There was a lot of missed deadlines and unreality which was the connection I saw. it was really interesting viewing.