qJumpStart My Heart | Day 354 - Saturday

Day 354 – Saturday

I did end up feeling better today. My low fever didn’t show up, I just felt slow and tired. I sat around a lot.

I revisited a computer game I had not played in about a year and it gave me something to do. (Factorio is the name) You build a factory network on a distant planet in order to eventually build a rocket to leave it. You start out mining resources like coal and copper and iron. And set up automatic networks of conveyor belts and robot arms and factories to manipulate all of the different parts.

I managed to get coal mining and production of copper and iron plates completely automated. Got enough power production from the steam generators running and also automated (they need coal) and started building out my logistics network.

Next up is petroleum refining and I remember that seemed complicated last time I played this.

(Yes, I’m writing about my experience playing a video game while I was sick. It was a slow news day…)