Day 352 – Thursday

This morning my girlfriend Chris and I went to a physical therapy appointment to continue investigating her vertigo (which has been getting better). We learned a lot more now about vertigo and how to treat it. The therapist did a bunch of diagnostic tests to rule out other options and concluded it’s garden variety vertigo as we had been led to believe before.

It was good to get some more confirmations.

She pointed out some further refinements to the Epley manoveur that we had missed in training videos and not been told about in previous training. Now I think we have all the info we need. It’s also promising that the vertigo only appears to be on one side now vs both sides. When this started, it was worse on the other side and now completely undetectable on that side.

(Sides relate to which inner ear’s balance mechanism is messed up. We appear to have cleared it up in the first inner ear and now need to work on the second).

It’s raining a lot today and foggy. The snow should start melting off pretty fast from this point.

I caught up on a little marketing writing but didn’t have much brain power and I didn’t want to end up writing anything that wouldn’t turn out useful because I was delirious or something.