Day 319 – Saturday

Today’s big outing was heading over to Greg’s Meats. We wanted some of their good bacon and ground beef and I was hoping to get some brisket so I could cure my own corned beef.

As luck would have it, they were running some sales. The 15lbs brisket ws $4/lbs. Racks of St Lous style ribs for around $4/lbs. Their high quality ground beef was on sale and we picked up some bacon and summer sausage as well. We also got some beef roasts. I’ll use one for beef bourguignon this coming week.

There is supposed to be some snow tomorrow. The highway was fairly clear but I still had to be careful getting on and off the highway due to ice and snow on parts of the road. I’m careful and we were ok.

My girlfriend Chris continues to get stronger day by day and today’s excitement involved her walking around the store as we shopped. Each day is a little easier and it is nice to see her progress.

I made Thai curry for dinner and it was yummy.