Day 315 – Snow Day

I’m in Minnesota and it’s Winter. Isn’t every day Snow Day?

Yes and no. It snowed today and it was pretty. By the end of the day I think 6″ had fallen which is more than I’ve seen in one day. It was pretty fun.

I went to a networking event around Noon and got to drive carefully home in the snow. Nothing bad happened. I was careful. And the snow was pretty.

The networking event isn’t one I’ll go back to. It turns out they are a paid group ($300/year + $50 registration fee). They also have an attendance requirement which I can’t do with going back and forth to California. Mainly it is the money. Plus they are exclusive which means to be a member, your business can’t overlap with anyone else’s. So you get one realtor, one financial advisor, one fake health supplement seller, etc, etc.

They are more flexible about exclusivity than some groups but I don’t believe in it. I’d rather there be lots of different people and lots of similar people. No one is really similar. And a modest fee would keep the low end network marketing people out if that is what you want.

On the plus side, they seemed serious about giving each other referral business and they were well organized (though the 25 point agenda timed to the minute seemed like overkill).

I’ve gotten followups from a couple people there and I’ll look for other groups and may start my own.

I finished up the next phase on a website project and did some other client work.

And then, most fun, I got to run the snowblower and clear the driveway. It was snowing still a bit and later at night after the snow stopped around 10pm the nice neighbor re-blew the driveway here after he finished his (he likes his snowblower, too). But I had my fun and I’ll get to run it again in a couple of days.