Day 314 – Monday

Today my girlfriend Chris and I had an outing. To manage one of the medications she is on post hip-surgery, she needs regular lab tests. The first of those lab visits was scheduled for today.

And today was the day it rained nicely last night and then went below 32F leaving a nice slippery ice coating on everything. We are very happy this did not happen last week when we needed to drive back from Rochester, MN to her house in Eagan (south of St Paul).

As it was, the lab appointment could be drop in so we left later in the morning. We got there without mishap though we did see one car slide into another at a stop light. Chris is very often giving me winter weather driving pointers when we are out driving and they all came into play today.

So, no spinning out or sliding and we got there ok. And once we were on the main roads that had been treated with the de-icing stuff and salt that gets strewn out, they were mostly ok.

After that I made a lunch of hamburger patties. Dinner was left over red-sauce casserole and leeks I sautéed.

And I worked. Trying to get a bunch of things finished. Going to a local business networking group tomorrow. The usual.