Day 306 – Sunday

My girlfriend Chris and I have plans to be in Rochester MN tomorrow for surgery she is having on Tuesday. We will be there several days. However, there is a big storm coming in and we are going to check in a day early so we don’t have to try to drive an hour through uncertain conditions to get to a 9:45am appointment Monday.

I ran a few errands and we packed and left by around 2pm. It was a clear drive and the snow didn’t start until around 6pm. As of writing now around 10pm it looks like a couple inches of snow accumulation on cars parked at the hotel. My alarm is set early to get up and take a look at the situation in the morning.

It is pretty dry snow since it is cold here. Temperatures are near 0F though will drop by Tuesday and Wednesday.

The snow is very pretty to watch.

I think I’m starting to feel the effects of the dry air and the cold. My nose and throat are dry. I’m still enjoying it.