Day 282 – Thursday

Spent a lot of time working on marketing materials with my coaching client. Very excited at how engaged she is right now. She is excited to produce a lot of videos and articles and we are working fast and moving forward. Hopefully this works out, I’d like to keep working with her. The alternative is that over the next 2 months her business doesn’t take off and she shuts it down.

Had a meeting with someone from networking and it’s too early for them to be working with me but I gave some advice and some places to start. Their homework is to get some products done to sell on

Spent a long time making chicken marsala. Next time I make it I want to sear off the chicken and finish it in the oven rather than cook all of the chicken pieces stovetop in the pan. It will compromise flavor a little bit but save a LOT of time. The bigger issue is making sure they are perfectly cooked in the oven.

Also spent a long time working on the print ad for the building contractor. I feel totally out of my depth. I’m not sure why. I did get a draft I’m ok with. I did some inspirational reading from great copywriters and that helped. After the fact I realized I also know people who own houses and who have recently had new siding and windows and since this is a siding and windows ad, they would have been good to talk to. I’ll do some more research this weekend.