Day 281 – Wednesday

“Early” 8am call and then working on a print advertisement for much of the day. I don’t have much experience with print ads and so I’m intimidated by it. Even though I’ve written before and the form shouldn’t bother me. I think because my client is going to pay money to have the result published in a magazine I feel it’s different. Though it shouldn’t be.

I spent a long tedious time writing bad headlines trying to accidentally come up with something workable. That worked but it wasn’t fun. It’s ok. I’m learning.

Overall, I have a lot going on. I don’t feel anxious or overwhelmed. there is just a lot to do right now.

I got started on the web project for the puppet company. In copying the website I found their website had been hacked and let them know. I recommended a company that cleans up security problems on WordPress based websites and they are going that route.

I can fix hacked web sites but because it isn’t my specialty, I’d rather it get done right by someone who knows what they are doing. and the cost for fixes isn’t that high. The company I like charges $180 per site and for everything they do and their expertise, there’s no way I can compete with that price at my rates.

I’m really happy my client understands the cost of business and is just taking care of it. The website in question had been running without supervision for some years and that is what led to the trouble.