Day 277 – Saturday

I slept pretty well and had an hour strategy sort of call with my coaching client. She is feeling some serious urgency to get her business going faster and I’m happy to hear that. I think there is some simple things she can do to get started and I look forward to helping. She also is intrigued by the idea of me as a business coach though we both agreed I can’t call myself one. But I’m good at the coaching part, I just need to approach it sideways to avoid the competition from the vast majority of coaches who are unqualified to be coaching.

I went to the farmers market which this week, I think, is pretty thin with the holidays.

Then later went to lunch with daughter Catherine at a new place called “Journey to the Dumpling”. It’s a Chinese dumpling place south of Sacramento that got good reviews and specializes in Chinese soup dumplings, xao long bao, which are really really hard to do right. I didn’t have any expectations but wanted to try in case they were half way decent.

The menu looked really promising when I was looking online. We got there and there was a 40 minute wait (more promising) and the place smelled good (even more promising). So we said ok and went two doors down to a shoe place and Catherine bought shoes.

We cane back 25 minutes later and they could get is in a few minutes after that. We sat down and had our order taken. We ordered a steamer basket of soup dumplings, some pan fried dumplings, and green onion pancakes.

The food was all pretty good. Their soup dumplings are probably as good as any I’ve had in the US and most I’ve ever had in the US are really bad. The wrappings on these are probably a little thing and heavy vs what they should be. However, they didn’t break apart and they weren’t sticky. Both of those are important because if the dumpling breaks then the soup flows out and then it isn’t a soup dumpling. (Yes, there is basically soup inside the dumpling. Like magic. Or you use aspic…)

Flavor was good. No weird aftertaste. Not too salty. Maybe the broth was a little sweet for my taste. But overall, really really well done. I would come back, though it’s a lot of carbs. But yummy and very affordable prices.