Day 276 – Friday

I went over to get my stress test done and we cancelled the test before it started. Part of the protocol for the stress test is for me to stop taking my blood pressure medicine 24 hours before the test and I did so. I skipped my evening and morning dose.

So I got there, got checked in and went into the testing room. They got me all wired up with the extra large number of EKG related wires and got the blood pressure cuff on and they take my blood pressure.


Huh. That seems high.

They can’t do the test when it is that high because, among other things, I might have a stroke or worse. So they cancelled the test. We know the BP medicine works well. And sent me home with the obvious, though welcome, instructions to make sure you take it as soon as you get home.

I think they hoped I had my BP meds with me. Dr was to get a note and they will re-schedule a pharmacological test where they give me drugs to stress my heart and measure stuff that way.

I went home, took my BP meds and sat around calmly. By evening my blood pressure was much lower and on it’s way to a safe level.

Other than that, I did some work. I did some interacting with potential leads in Facebook groups at essentially the same level of depth I would at a networking meeting so I met a few people which was fun.

I feel a lot more confident even talking online. By that I mean I’m not feeling like I need to compete to put myself in front of everyone else and yell “pick me pick me I do the thing you are looking for please please pick me” because, you know, it’s annoying when people do that.

Instead, I ask questions, ask people what they need, give them advice on what to look for and what to avoid if they are looking for people to do this thing. I don’t even acknowledge at first that I might do the thing they are looking for.

And when I take that approach, people want to talk to me more. Good lessons in talking to people.

I think that was about it. I’m getting curious about Korean food and have a couple of new Korean cookbooks. I’ll let you know what comes out of that. I’m pondering making my own kimchi. Except I don’t really like kimchi. But it looks interesting. Kimchi is pickled and fermented vegetables. Typically cabbage but can be other things.

We’ll see.