qJumpStart My Heart | Day 256 - Saturday

Day 256 – Saturday

I went for a longer walk and felt fine after. I even made it through the whole day and didn’t feel wiped out. I got my social media posts written and scheduled and my Friday email setup. It took about 2-3 hours to write everything and that will get faster with practice.

Our dinner plans were to go out to Estelle’s, the good French bakery in town but it was full. Parking is especially tricky there. So, let’s try Roxy.

We went over and Roxy was closed. On a Saturday night. The door was blocked off with chairs and a sign on the window says it is closed for “maintenance issues” and will re-open Monday. I think this is odd and there doesn’t appear to have been a fire.

We check the Sacramento County health department restaurant inspection site and it all becomes horribly clear. Thursday they got closed during lunch service due to an inspection that found “vermin”. Specifically a large number of German Cockroaches. Some egg bearing. Some dead in sticky residues. And so forth. We won’t go back there.

So 3rd choice was Texas Roadhouse as I had praised it as reliable and affordable as steak places go. Despite the peanut shells on the floor (tradition), heavy country ambiance, etc my mom and step dad really liked it for the reasons I enjoy it. Good steak and affordable.