Day 255 – Friday

I went for a walk for the first time in a few days and it went well. I went about 1.5 miles and felt good. It was nice to get outside. I think if I can be walking at 7 any weekday morning, I can fit that into my networking schedule.

I had a morning appointment with my financial advisor. We needed to finish one paperwork thing with one of my accounts. He also had a recommendation for a business accountant who I will call on Monday. I need to understand some things with my business better and it will help me for taxes.

Early in the afternoon I had an appointment with my doctor. Based on me not feeling as great as I did a couple of months ago, feeling occasionally short of breath, and having vague and hard to describe occasional chest discomfort which is nothing at all like chest paints but I’m super sensitive to any change in my body since two hundred and fifty five days ago I had open heart surgery… my doctor in a call with my cardiologist determined that I should have a stress test.

I’m happy about this as it will identify if there is anything wrong with me or if it is just the bad air. I’m glad they are happy to be extra cautious. I’ll get a call to schedule that and I imagine I’ll hear from them Monday and will take the first available appointment.

I spent some time looking at some new tools I bought to help make web pages faster and it looks very promising. I’m trying to be as efficient as possible on the web part because either I find someone cheap and overseas to do some of the work or I get more and more efficient tools. I can’t afford to pay myself to do it. Really. My time is better spent looking for more clients or doing things like copywriting and other social media / email work to build my client base.

Anyway, new tool looks good. I should be able to put together some compelling demo material for my meeting early Monday morning with the potential client who is a building contractor.

As usual, I got tired by early evening.