Day 238 – Tuesday

I had two business meetings today.

First was presenting my marketing proposal for taking on digital marketing for a small local store. That went well and we will talk more next week. She needs to talk to her partners. We also shared some stories about the networking group we both attend. She has much the same impression of it as I do. Her business is refreshing for being a functional business that sells product and makes money in a traditional sense. This compared to network marketing folks and so forth.

My other meeting was a first discussion with someone with a more unconventional business whom I met in the networking group. She has been very successful in network marketing and is looking to expand her reach. I think there are some opportunities here as well. She is talking to some other people for marketing work as well. However she found me refreshing for not immediately saying “sure I can do that”. I have lots of questions about what is possible with what she is doing. There are some challenges. I’ll share more as I know more concrete things. I know, not a very satisfying report.

I also started writing in advance short articles that will end up on social media in a couple of weeks. I was pleased that from the research and notes I took a few days ago, the writing was pretty smooth. I need to keep writing that material daily so I can build up enough of a back log.