Day 231 – Tuesday

Inspiration for my networking group commercial today came from a copywriting email I received this morning. It just sprang into my head and was ready. I was pleased.

“A common problem for business owners is finding clients. You know, here we all are networking. But what if you had enough clients? What if your website looked great and converted new visitors into customers? What if your email list was growing and you had a good conversion rate when you made sales offers to your audience? What if you had FaceBook ads and Google AdWords figured out so you knew how much money in ad spend would turn into sales? I’m Michael Helmke, the Digital Concierge. I can help you make all of that happen. Talk to me after the meeting and we can set up an appointment to get started.”

[Granted no one has yet approached me but I keep trying and I don’t know that the specific commercial is as important as trying. People down rush towards the people offering homeopathic human growth hormone cream, either.]

After I went to Barnes and Noble for some gift shopping and identified 3 or 4 Christmas gifts and that list continues to get smaller.

Then work and progress on stuff.

For dinner we went out to the Zinfandel Grille and enjoyed my usual: mushroom salad and mustard chicken. It’s really good and consistent. We had some delicious carrot cake when we got home.