Day 227 – Friday

I’m really struggling with finishing the proposal for the client I’m pitching next week. The challenge is getting into a mindset where I’m comfortable writing about myself and why I would be a good pick for the work. I need to accept that this is affecting everything I’m doing and get over it. [I’m writing this with a couple of days of hindsight.]

Game night was fun. Speaking of mindset, my evolution in playing Catan has gone from stressing out over making the wrong decision about where to place my first two settlements pre-game to not worrying about it, knowing there are multiple ways to win.

Further geeky side note, if you play with the same group week after week, patterns develop. One of the regulars tends to go for the longest road as a strategy, relying on the 2 victory points that gets you. No one really goes for the largest army (also 2 victory points) which I’ve begun seeking out over the last few sessions (this visit plus over the summer).

I made beef stroganoff for dinner and it was very good. I found a recipe online from Gold Medal Flour and thought that was appropriate to make a good Minnesota version of stroganoff. Everyone enjoyed it. (Gold Medal Flour, like many grain and flour related companies, started out in Minneapolis. Betty Crocker, too).