qJumpStart My Heart | Day 226 - Date Night

Day 226 – Date Night

Outside of the usual work stuff tonight was date night and we were going to a new restaurant. It was also lightly snowing and my girlfriend Chris rightly suggested that leaving extra early would be good. Reservations were for 6:30pm across town which under normal circumstances would take 35 minutes so we left by 5pm since there is also traffic. And below freezing air temperatures. And light snow. And the first day like this of the season so un-treated roads.

She drove since I’m not qualified for roads like that and I’m glad she did. We saw some cars pointing the wrong way on the side of the freeway, some emergency vehicles here and there. We were fine except for one quickly corrected car almost sliding moment.

To me it was pretty deceptive, just light snowfall with little ground accumulation. And that shiny stuff forming on the road (ice).

The restaurant, Lat 14, was ok but we probably wouldn’t go back despite our high hopes for it. The concept is southeast Asian fusion cuisine inspired by countries along 14 degrees Latitude: Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines. The food was good but for the price not enough for us to go back.

The broth in a soup we ordered was especially good, though, and I’m inspired to explore all of the vegetables I see in my favorite Vietnamese stores that I don’t know how to cook with. The flavors were good and like nothing I’m really used to. Given my experience with making Thai curry I know this can be overcome so I’m curious.

After we went to Izzy’s and that was very good. I had a chocolate variant, something else, and lemon sorbet. I know, I’m slipping if I can’t remember every ice cream flavor I eat at Izzy’s or Vic’s.