Day 224 – Election Day

I voted before I left California.

Today was quiet and pretty productive. Among other things, I launched my test Facebook Ads campaign and after a few false starts, got all 32 ad variations launched and running. Spoiler, I paused the campaign early the next day as there is more I need to plan out regarding my website and free offer. However I learned a lot from what I saw. Ideally I would have run the ads for 2-4 days and will do that in the near future. I did learn a lot from getting the ads running and accepted by Facebook. (I was initially denied a few times until I figured everything out. First was a technical issue. Second confused me for a while until I realized I wasn’t allowed to call out “Small Business Owners” as a group.)

I made curry for dinner which I had not made in quite a while since I was forgetting things.  It turned out ok and I remembered what I forgot and was delicious.

There were some slight flurries of snow today which was really pretty. I was cleaning leaves out of the gutters using the new ladder my girlfriend Chris bought for me and thought I saw cottonwood tree seedpods  were falling from the sky and then realized it was fluffy flakes of snow.