Day 223 – Monday

I got up at 5:30am and made breakfast and drove my girlfriend Chris to work. I needed the car today to do some shopping. The grocery store Aldi has it’s Christmas chocolate out and I wanted to do early shopping and I also found some wonderful new English cheese.

I worked the rest of the day and made good progress towards the Facebook ads I want to do and detailed notes for the proposal I will be writing up this week. There is an online tool for creating proposals I’m probably going to sign up for to save some time. It looks like it has templates to produce attractive proposals, has a 2 week free trial, and doesn’t cost a lot and probably will save me a couple of hours which will be work even paying for a month of it.

The weather here remains overcast and drizzly which I enjoy.

I listened to a new, for me, podcast: The Daily Standard. It was pretty interesting. I would describe it as by people who 4 years ago probably thought they were right wing conservative Republicans with an educated and intellectual background (the world has shifted since then). I enjoyed it. The topics covered were pretty much exactly like what my other podcasts talk about regarding current events, including the same sense of utter disbelief. It is nice to have new things in common with people.