Day 221 – Saturday

I woke up at 8:30am local time and felt pretty rested all day. I was also reminded of the time change this weekend so I should be more than rested by Monday.

Today was pretty slow and relaxing. My girlfriend Chris and I had our usual breakfast lately of eggs and the amazing chorizo she gets from a Mexican grocery store in South St Paul.

I drove with her so she could do early voting at the local community center. I waited in the parking lot and she waited 45 minutes in line. There were an amazing number of people doing early voting. The parking lot was full and she heard that a large number of people have been coming through since they opened for early voting on Monday.

Dinner was chicken with cheese and garlic with broccoli and then we watched some episodes of the new show on Amazon called Homecoming. It is based on a podcast suspense drama I listened to a couple of years ago and is very good, though quirky and intentionally odd. I recommend it and I found the negative reviews for it to be unwarranted though not surprising.