Day 211 – Wednesday

The Roseville networking meeting went fine. I met some interesting people but probably no followup necessary. My 30 second commercial went ok but I wasn’t super confident. I gave out my handout and I’m not necessarily expecting conversions based on it but the deadline is good to keep me writing and trying things.

I met with my financial advisor afterwards. He REALLY liked my handout but he isn’t an impartial observer anymore and we talked about it. I do think my handout has some merits. It is at least ok for a beginner..

We talked about his business and money and my finances and had a good talk. I think I see the next step where he pays me a little bit for some business mentoring at some point in the future. He needs some help with focus and organizing his week. I think if he can get successful there then there will be some opportunities to help him start working on some in person workshops for his potential clients.

The rest of the day I worked on initial plans for the facebook ads to try to bring customers to my free strategy call offer. The exercise here is to use a FB ad technique I’ve taken a class in and do it for real. I’ll use a somewhat lower ad budget than the class recommends (class recommends starting at $100/day if you can. I can’t). If it works, I should be able to use this to get business leads and apply the same technique to other business clients.