Day 208 – Back to California Time

The flight back yesterday was uneventful and long. I listened to a bunch of podcasts and got home ok. I was very tired yesterday and slept really well and got up around 7:30am. I’ll try to get to bed early tonight so I can stay on an early schedule for a bit.

Today was a pretty low key day. I went grocery shopping and got some food ready for the coming week. I planned out some work things for the week and mostly relaxed. I decided not to do a “letter” this week at networking. I found I was torn between two options. One I didn’t think was that good and the other, starting my mailing list, I don’t feel like planning out and following through with today. So I worked on notes for my 30 second intro, adding “The Digital Concierge” as my tagline and I’ll see how that plays. Also, as my girlfriend Chris suggests, I might find people asking where my handout of the week is.

Panther the black cat looking at the camera
Panther looking typically expressive

Panther the cat was very happy to see me.