Day 198 – Thursday

Networking group left me feeling drained. I eventually narrowed it down to someone I met at the group yesterday whom I was also talking with today. I believe he is an energy vampire. It took me all day and later relating stories to my girlfriend Chris before a finally put my finger on it.

It felt good to figure out why I was feeling down and lethargic and trying to identify who I had come in contact with. Todays group tends to be somewhat plastic and I attributed it more to the group itself rather than a specific individual.

Energy vampire? In this case, someone who thinks they want help with something yet there really isn’t any way to help them and they aren’t willing to lift them beyond their situation. It made me feel, in hindsight, like I was slipping into a dark hole.

I did have a good call with one of my clients and with Chris’ help got the text finished on a website I’m doing for her Sons of Norway group.

Still no word from the potential client we talked with yesterday. He seems schedule challenged so hopefully that is all. My marketing partner keeps following up.