Day 196 – Tuesday

Today’s networking group was small, unfortunately, and we talked mostly about ways to grow it as well as how to deal with negative people. I think everyone had a bad reaction to one particularly negative person from last week. This person is the one I alluded to was trying to sabotage me in a meeting last week and whom I had spoken with about fixing their website over the summer and where they didn’t seem like a good fit for me and I was too expensive for them.

As it was a small group and we all knew each other, we didn’t do commercials and I didn’t hand out my letter. That is ok. We had good discussions.

I worked the rest of the day and went through more Google AdWords training. Also, finalized the client proposal my marketing partner and I will present tomorrow. She is confident everything will go smoothly. I’m a little anxious about it however that is how I often am.

This is where self doubt and imposter syndrome come up. And I think it is actually stronger on the idea that my new marketing partner will suddenly realize that I don’t have any useful skills and won’t want to work with me anymore. I’m getting better as recognizing these as crazy thoughts and recognizing that the inner voice delivering those messages needs to be ignored and silenced.

Recognizing that inner voice and hearing it as a false voice is getting easier and I’m happy about that. It makes me wonder if “jumpstart my heart” morphs into “rewire my brain” over time.

In other news, there is a podcast called Slow Burn. The first season went deep into the Nixon Watergate story and told some parts I had never heard before. The second season covers the Bill Clinton scandals. I recommend both seasons. They are both interesting in light of current events in different ways.