Day 190 – Wednesday

Morning networking as usual. It was a fairly large group and one life/business coach wanted to talk to me about helping her with email marketing tools though we were interrupted by the start of the meeting promptly at 9:30am.

I passed around my sales letter when I did my 30 second commercial and I think it went well. I still have a very hard time remembering exactly how it went or what I said after the fact. I still didn’t feel like running from the room before it. I think the focus on speaking and making sure that actual words come out of my mouth leave me little brain power to remember what happened. But I think it went well…

After the meeting, I resumed talking to life/business coach and then someone else came over who was interested in my sales letter and what the Digital Concierge concept is. There are ways I can help both of them however strategically I need to do things differently. I ended up talking about money before I should have. I’ll keep working on that.

What I should have done was continued to talk up the benefits of what I can do and then schedule separate meetings with both of them to keep talking. Instead, life/business coach mentioned that she really liked a company from Germany she worked with where for $160 / month they would take care of everything and give her 16 hours of labor per month. I pointed out I cost a lot more than that and then went into details.

Again, in hindsight, her comment probably disqualified her but I would have kept talking separately about benefits and see what she could do. The other woman also felt she probably would have money troubles however she recognized that I needed to get paid. It’s all ok. All of this is practice for me.

The rest of the day was client work for a client who can afford me and does recognize the value I provide.